It feels so good to be Home!

It feels so good to be Home!

Miracle Man is home! We are all amazed. This morning the Drs said you can go home. With apprehension Nate said “Are you sure?” As the day went on and he was unhooked from his TPN IV nutrition and got up and walked he began to think I want to be home. They arrived home at 7:30 tonight!

He is exhausted but first thing he had us do is all kneel down including himself for family prayer. Nate offered it and wept in gratitude to the Lord to be alive and to be home with his family. We all cried. Tearful, tender and heartfelt❤️

Tomorrow he is to call his cancer Dr to see what is next but for tonight we are counting our blessings and Nate agrees with the sign that hangs in their living room now. “It feels so good to be home!”

7 thoughts on “It feels so good to be Home!

  1. Such a wonderful blessing😊 We’re all so thankful for the tender mercies of the Lord to you. We will continue our prayers in your behalf as you continue on this journey.
    Love from the Niccum’s

  2. Nate and Alicia!
    So happy you can be at home together while you find your “new normal”. You two are rock stars. We are so proud of you! Let me know when I can come back and help with something…anything….
    Love, Aunt T

  3. Fantastic news! Your positive outlook, loving support of family and friends and the goodness of a loving Father who answers prayers have combined to produce a modern day miracle! Nate, your smile warms my heart and fills my eyes with tears. You’re an amazing man! So happy for you and your beautiful family.

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