Labor of Love❤️

Labor of Love❤️

Nate’s first full day home. He woke up extremely exhausted but as the day went on with many small meals, LOTS of liquid and a home health nurse visit he did pretty good.

Thought I would share for the last 4 days before Nate came home we had a major remodeling party to get the house ready and more comfortable for their family. Alicia and the children traveled to Arizona for a family wedding. Alicia’s dad Gene flew in to drive with her. When she left Nates sister Nichole and Father Scott began by painting the front room white. Nate and his friend Brian worked on ordering large canvas pictures of their recent family photo shoot. Nate mentioned to his dad it would be nice to get a shower in the girls bathroom so he could have more privacy when he got home. So while the Aunties came into town I joined the remodeling party along with Nate’s uncle John aunt Tammy, cousins Zel and Desiree, Scott and Nichole. It was a flurry of tearing out the old bathroom, putting in the new, decorating, painting, plumbing, electricity etc. It was a labor of love and miracles. In record time we not only got a functioning bathroom but a front room, kitchen, bedroom redecorated❗️. Today the construction continued with both dads, Gene and Scott finishing projects.

Nate has his wound redress tomorrow and an appointment Monday with his cancer Dr. Their home is comfy and ready for the next step and we continue to pray for his recovery.

The highlight of the day though for Nate was a face time call from Bolivia. Several of the missionaries he served with had a reunion there. Nate planned on going but because of the recent health issues his trip was canceled. To include him in their celebration was touching. He got to talk to dear friends he met while serving a church mission 17 years ago.

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  1. You are all awesome! I can’t even imagine getting all that work done so quickly. You get my vote for the most loving family ever. Take Care and Much Love to all of you.

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