2 Weeks…

2 Weeks…

I just can’t believe it has been two weeks today since my life altering surgery to remove the C. Diff infection in my large intestines. Here I am, sitting in the comfort of my living room surrounded by family. I am so so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord. My sister Krystal posted this on Facebook a short time ago:

Two weeks ago today, my life changed. While we are so thankful for the outcome, I’ll never forget the dark moments we shared as a family. I’ll also never forget God’s gift to me, as he taught me a few lessons.

1. God has a plan and purpose for each one of us. It’s not always so clear to see, but if we stay close to the Lord, it’s easier to feel when we are doing what we need to be doing.

2. When the Lord needs you, he asks for your help – in that moment. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, and not in 10 minutes, but now.

3. The Lord prepares us. I did not know the gravity of Nate’s situation when I landed in Utah, but I know that the months, weeks, days, and hours leading up to that day, the Lord was paving the way for me to be there when I needed to be and also prepared me for what I needed to do.

4. We are stronger than we know. Nate is a true example of this, and a testimony to me that with God’s help, nothing is impossible.

I’m so thankful for a Heavenly Father who heard our prayers and blessed us in more ways than just saving Nate two weeks ago.

While I don’t ever want to relive a moment like that again, I pray that I will always be ready to answer the call to bear another’s burden- no matter what the outcome.

I love her ending comment here. “Always be ready to answer the call to bear another’s burden.” I think back to that dark moment, and can’t help but immediately feel the presence of my Savior. It was dark, and I didn’t know if I would make it out alive, but I knew the Savior was near watching over me. My family was close and I knew they were praying for me. I came out triumphant because of the strength of faith of all of you in my behalf. Thank you.

Today, I was able to work for about 45 minutes. That helped me some to feel needed again. I am still so weak. It’s really hard for me, as those that know me, know I usually only have one speed and that is full throttle. Where now I just putt around, and only have strength to goto the restroom and back to my chair. I get tired so easily, and I just have no real appetite. So, it’s hard to eat, but I am trying to eat, and hope that will help with my energy levels. The Drs told me it would be a month or two before I will start to feel more normal. Recovery from such an ordeal is hard. Almost harder than going through it in the first place, because like life, it’s slow, and requires patience. And that is hard. After this recovery then I will start Chemo to rid my body of the cancer still around my lungs. I meet with my Oncologist on Monday to discuss when it makes sense to start. I am nervous for that also.

So, it’s all just raw emotion still for me. Last night I woke up at about 3am, and couldn’t fall sleep. So, I did what any sensible human does during these circumstances… I pulled my phone out and read my entire Cancer blog. Every post and every comment again. It brought tears to my eyes as I re-read and read all the comments and well-wishes from friends and family all over the world. It was inspiring, and I am SO glad to have this record to reflect back on. It brought peace to my soul. It took me a while to fall asleep after that. But eventually I did. Today I got a few naps in, and grazed most of the day. I shaved my face after 2 weeks and took a shower, which really tired me out, but felt so good. I am happy to be where I am in my progress, and continue to rely on prayers and my Savior to pull me through the slow rough recovery ahead. I love you all.

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  1. Oh man, all of these posts from recent days are stirring up raw emotion for me. Having just gone through cancer myself and being able to experience miracles everyday, and now reading your experience, gosh it’s so real! God is so good! He loves us, He knows us, and we don’t walk alone! I’m so grateful to read of your amazing miracles and strengthened faith in times of trial. Sometimes I can’t sleep and I too read my cancer journal. I sob everytime I read it. Keep writing and sharing! It will be one of your greatest treasures as you move forward and especially when you look back on all of this! Our continued prayers are with you for a full recovery and safe healing moving forward with treatment. Love from the krogs!

  2. Each picture that is posted brings such joy. Nate I am so
    very relieved by your progress. You have an incredible family that has touched my heart with every one of these posts. I am sure there still are challenges; prayers will continue for you and your family.

  3. Hi Nate! This is Heather (a.k.a. Hna Jarvis)-hopefully you remember me from Bolivia. I just wanted you to know I read your blog and my family and I pray for you and yours everyday! Sigue adelante!!!
    Heather Jarvis Jemmett

  4. Still praying for you that you can be patient and give your body the time to recover. You have been through such an ordeal, bravely struggling on and on. My thoughts are so often with you and your family that I love so much.

  5. Nate, I have been watching your journey and I am so impressed with your faith and confidence. You have many friends and we are all praying for your recovery. You have always been so faithful and that faith won’t let you down during this health struggle. We are all pulling for you.

  6. Jeff has not been able to read these posts so today I sat down and read from beginning to end all the posts of Nate’s experiences of cancer miracles and faith. I have been reading of the power of faith, the power of prayer and fasting, the power of personal strength, the power of accepting the challenges God has given us, the power of family, the power of love and how this brings on the power of miracles. I have cried as I’ve read aloud to Jeff many of these heart-felt emotions as Nate and his family walked together through this refining fire. And I could truly see and feel the refining process unfold. You have inspired and humbled me. I know your life will be forever changed and you will never take things for granted again. But your life will be richer and more vibrant because of it. Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey of faith and hope. We have known you since you were a boy and watched you grow up into such a fine man. We prayed fervently for you to conquer this cancer and can see that you have. No matter what comes you have conquered it.
    Thank you and your family for sharing this experience.
    Sue Mortensen

  7. Nate, So glad to hear your words! The prayers will keep coming! You’ve got this… with the Lord! If you can beat that infection and surgery, you can beat the cancer no prob! We love you and the fam!

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