Sabbath Day

Sabbath Day

Today Nate started out not feeling well. Everything is so new it is a guessing game what might be going on. Some research on his part and a call to the Dr gave us some things to try and by afternoon he was feeling a bit better.

Unable to have the strength to go to church we were able to make the Sabbath day special for him. The sacrament was brought in by the Young Men– thank you! Nate’s cousin just returned home from a mission on Wednesday and Nate got to listen to his talk. He read the scriptures and listen to the Tabernacle choir music. All things helped the day be sacred.

Visitors who came and helped him laugh and reflect on the many miracles he had experienced over the last month and a wonderful meal brought in by a ward family helped make the day special for the whole family. Nate was not up to eating but Alicia brought dinner into the front room to be close to him and let him be part of the family share time. She is an amazing woman and such a perfect wife for Nate.

We are all learning that “Life does not need to be perfect to be wonderful!”💝. Grateful for this day!

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  1. “Life does not need to be perfect to be wonderful!”
    That is a great quote!! And so very true. I love reading all the wonderful things that are happening in your family. More prayers coming for comfort, peace, strength, and healing.
    Much love,

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