The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life

Over the last 2 months I have been reminded over and over that God gave us each the gift of life and what we do with that gift is our gift to Him.

Of course none of us are perfect but we can be perfect in trying. That is why the gift of the Atonement, the gift of a Savior and the gift of repentance are true blessings for every person. The Lord asks of us to keep trying to never give up on ourselves spiritually, mentally, physically.

I have witnessed the power that comes when we are anchored in the Savior and trust in Him no matter the challenges we may face. It has been brought home to me as I have watch Nate. Nate’s first Surgery Oct 2nd was to remove his cancer diseased Kidney and then 1 month ago today, Oct 11th surgery to save his life and remove his colon that had been taken over with the c-diff infection. It has been a trying time to say the least!

It has brought us to our knees literally as we wept, pleaded and asked for a miracle to spare his life. We have had to show our faith in the Lord’s plan and trust Him. The Lord heard yours and my prayers and miracles happened and his life was spared. Is it perfect? No but again life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Tomorrow another significant stage of his fight with cancer begins, the immunotherapy. Like the kidney surgery, the fight against C-diff infection that ultimately took his colon, he steps into unknown territory.

It would be so easy to curl up and say “Not another thing! Why me?” But Nate chooses to hold on to his faith that this life is worth fighting for, that there is a greater plan, a plan of happiness orchestrated from above. That families are forever and that a loving Savior is near and will sustain him in whatever he is called to go through.

Today at church the Primary children ages 3 to 11 put on the program. The theme: “I am a Child of God”. If we truly believe that, which I do, we can have the help from heaven whenever we sincerely ask, in good and bad times.

As Bishop, Nate gave the closing remarks. Here is what he said:

I am a child of God

That phrase is So powerful. When you think of these children, words come to mind like humble, trusting, innocent, unconditional love, special, forgiving, believers.

I am so grateful to be a child of God. Are these words not things we are all trying to be? All things the savior has asked us to be.

When we need a pick-me-up, we need to be reminded that we are all children of God. And as such, we have divine parents. Our Father in Heaven only wants the best for us. He wants to help us. He sends those around us to minister to us. As we pray to him, he will send our ministering brothers and sisters to help give us strength.

He sends us examples to follow. Our prophet, apostles, and leaders to help give us practical examples of how to live. With these examples, we can see how we apply the doctrines in todays environment.

Today, on this special Veterans day, I would feel ungrateful if I didn’t take just a moment and thank each of the members of this congregation that are currently or have served in our military. We also want to remember and thank each of our loved ones that have served also. Thank you again for your service.

As I was listening to the children sing, if the Savior stood beside me, the 3rd verse really hit me.

It reads again:
He is always near me, though I do not see Him there, And because He loves me dearly, I am in His watchful care. So I’ll be the kind of person that I know I’d like to be if I could see the Savior standing nigh, watching over me.

I am so grateful for the knowledge of being a child of god. As we conclude by singing this beloved hymn, please listen to the words, and remember that you are loved more than you know.
In the name of Jesus Christ

The Lord’s invitation is the same for all of us. He LOVES us no matter where we are on this path of life! He wants us to be happy and most of all He wants us to choose His way. He will never force us, that is Satans way. He waits for us to invite Him into our lives and when we do a loving, kind, wise Heavenly Father surrounds us with open arms and blessings. He sends strength and peace and people into our lives who can support us and help us through whatever we are called to bear.

That I have seen over and over these past 2 months. Many of those sent by Heaven to strength us have been you. Your e-mails, phone calls, visits, acts of service, and prayers have truly carried us through the hardest of times and we know the Lord was and continues to be near through you. Thank You!

So grateful for this knowledge and so proud of you son more than words can express

May we all Lord and His plan. Forward with Faith!

Love Kristy

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  1. Your faith is so inspiring and Nate’s is too. I am always so impressed with Nate’s smile in the pictures and his determination to make the best of every day. I will be praying for him as he starts immunotherapy.

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