Cancer Immunotherapy started 11/12/18 and…

Cancer Immunotherapy started 11/12/18 and…

Yesterday I started my day with the changing of my wound vac and then it was off to my first immunotherapy. I have to admit I was scared, the unknown is always hard for me. It went well and I was able to sleep a bit during it.

Today though a different story. For the last week or so I have had a fast heart beat even when I am sleeping 120-123. I have struggled with taking big breaths and the last few days breathing especially laying flat was hard.

At my follow up today with Dr Murday who took out my colon. We expressed our concerns and she sent me down to the ER to get a CT scan and eco EKG. It was discovered that I have fluid around part of my lungs and on my left side a pretty big pocked that is pressing on my lung thus the struggle to get my breath.

Needless to say not what I expected or wanted. I was admitted back in the hospital and tomorrow they will put a needle in my back and draw off the fluid😬. This will help in my breathing. They do not know why the fluid build up yet. I guess I have more to learn on this journey I have been given… tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Cancer Immunotherapy started 11/12/18 and…

  1. When things get a little tough there is a phrase I read in a
    little book once which always comes to mind. It goes like this:
    There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.
    Hang in there Nate.

  2. Still thinking of you and praying. I’m so sorry you have to endure this. I know things can get scary! But I also know that you feel loved and you feel the prayers. That is the best. Praying for comfort and healing for you and your precious family.

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