Finally Resting

Finally Resting

He is finally resting lungs drained, wound vac changed and shot for the evening given. Alicia went home to be with kids and I have night shift. ❀️

What we know…

#1-We are becoming ALL TO familiar with the Hospital and staff! When you come in and they recognize you, you know it is too often! We do know though there are amazing people who work here. Thank you for your care, compassion and knowledge.

#2- There is fluid around Nate’s lungs that is building up due to the cancer. That is why he was struggling to breath it was pushing against his lungs. One Dr described it like feeling you are drowning. The cancer is located at the bottom of the chest cavity and it has either blocked the ducks that usually drain fluid our body naturally produce or the cancer is producing more than Nate’s body can get rid, possibly both.

#3 – To combated the fluid buildup today they did Thoracentesisor a pleural tap. It is a procedure to remove fluid from the pleural space or cavity between the lungs and chest wall thus relieving pressure. Today they took 2 liters of fluid off the left side of his chest. Tomorrow they will drain off possibly another 2 liters. His right side has some fluid but not enough for procedure. He will be in the hospital through Friday to watch how fast the fluid is being produced.

#4 – If the fluid comes back fast they may put in a drain. If slower he would come back ever week or 2 weeks to have lungs drained until Immunotherapy kicks in and hopefully stops the cancer cells from producing large amounts of liquid.

#5- on the good side his heart rate has dropped down to between 95 – 105 which is awesome πŸ‘ Not sure why but think it is because pressure is off. Also cardiologist said Nate’s heart is in good condition and working properly. We will take that as a win.

When Nate laid down he said “Wow so much easier to breath. I’m going to sleep good tonight!” That is the hope and prayer πŸ™πŸ» for this brave son of ours! Love Mom & Dad/ Kristy & Scott

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  1. Thanks so much for the info. It sounds encouraging. Let’s kill that cancer!!!
    Much love and prayers to soothe your mama heart. πŸ’œ

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