Another Drain…

Another Drain…

Lung Dr came in and it was decided this morning they would put a drain in Nate’s side to drain fluid that will continue to be produced by the cancer until his immunotherapy kicks in down the road. Dr says the 3 plus liters that were there – 2 liters taken yesterday and another 1.3 liters today was probably produced over the last 2 weeks- 10 days. If they did not put in this drain he would have to come in probably every other day to have liquid removed.

Nate felt good about the decision. It will be kind of like his drain he had out of his stomach. When it’s time to drain he will hook it up to a negative pressure drain bag which will draw the fluid out.

Procedure done – Nate came back into the room about 2:30 with a gift box of new supplies to support his new drain. When he came back he said “that was painful even with all the drugs they gave me.”

On the brighter side Calvin Nate’s friend and business partner came and they worked for a little while. Lynn his former scout leader and friend, Brian another good friend and Richard a new friend who helped teach Nate about his medical changes here at the hospital gave Nate a dose of joy by their visits.

We had to laugh tonight, before he had lungs drained nothing looked good on the dinner menu so this is what he ordered:)Sweet potato, roll and pedialyte. After the procedure that choice did not look so appetizing! So a warm cup of chicken broth was a welcomed addition to dinner.

His goal tomorrow Home❤️

Amazed by Nate’s strength and positive spirits. Grateful for family, friends, hope, faith, prayers and a loving Heavenly Father who listened. Night

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  1. Nate! So sorry you are going through this! If it’s not one thing it’s 20! You have the best outlook! It’s inspiring! Saw you at the gig on Saturday and was sad I missed the opportunity to say hi! But we were so glad to see you there! You rock! Keep it up!

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