Home Sweet Home Again

Home Sweet Home Again

Nate made it home at 7pm last night. It was decided to keep the wound vac for a week more. He also has oxygen. When they took him off the O2 his saturation dropped to 84 and his heart rate increased so thus this new addition.

He was trained on how to take care of his lung drain that is on his left side now to drain off the liquid that builds up in his chest cavity from the cancer. He drained off 900ml of liquid yesterday in less than 2 minutes it was a steady stream. How will he know when to stop draining? The radiologist specialist said he would starts to cough or there would be pressure/pain that begins. Sure enough that is exactly what happened at about 800ml he started to cough then a bit of pain. Simply amazing our bodies and technology!

In 3 days they have drained 4 liters of liquid off his left side! That is like 2 large bottles of pop. Crazy!! He lost 8lbs in the process too.

Nate will base how often he drains liquid by how hard it is to breath, right now it will be daily or every other day.

We are being educated on so many things we never even knew existed. The nurses commented on Nate’s knowledge of how to do things as there was an issue with the wound vac which they had never dealt with but he knew exactly the problem. Guess that is what practice produces❗️. The immunotherapy should slow down the cancer produced fluid in a month or 2.

So more things to deal with but in the process strength is returning, he is back with his loving family and it FEELS SO GOOD to be home!

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home Again

  1. We are still praying for you and so sorry for the added challenges. You are a strong person and you will beat this.Oh the things we learn in this life that try and test us. We all have our test , they maybe different then yours, but none of us are exempt from the trials of this mortal life . Our love to you and your family Nate.
    ❤️ The Niccums

  2. A beautiful tribute to you Kristy from a dearly loved, grateful son.

    Every bit deserved by a beautiful angel mother !

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