Only One Phone Call Away…

Only One Phone Call Away…

Another big change… I fly home to Seattle this morning. It has been a hard decision to go and that decision has changed 3 different times, but with Nate home from the hospital and Alicia’s sister and family coming for Thanksgiving it is the right time to get back to my Sweetheart Scott.

I arrived here in Utah 2 months ago when the weather was in the 80’s now I am leaving with Christmas music playing and the hub of that holiday starting. When I walked into a store yesterday and saw all the “stuff” I was taken back and reminded how fleeting it is. The relationships we develop, time spent together are what matters most. I am forever changed in that regard.

When I came to Utah I thought I would be here a week maybe 2 based on the news of how bad Nate’s cancer was. Little did any of us know what would transpire…

The Lord knew and cleared the way so I could stay. It has been heart breaking and faith building at the same time. There have been dark times, many tears and events that have brought me to my knees pleading for the Lord’s intervention. So grateful for all your love and prayers too. He heard and miracles have happened over and over. The opportunity to see Nate and Alicia’s love grow as they face the unknown together and call on the powers from Heaven to sustain them and direct on this journey they are called to go on has strengthened my testimony. They are meant to be together and I am so thankful for Alicia, she is a true blessing for Nate, for her children and for our family.

To see their family look for and create “Doses of Joy” and hear their children thank the Lord for their many blessings one of them being Drs and Nurses who took the time and money to go to school and learn what to do to help Papa is a reminds that gratitude is important and powerful.

I spent the last 2 nights in the hospital with Nate. He said “Mom we have not spent this much time together since before my mission when I was 19.” It is true and it has been one of the cherished blessings that has come. I will forever hold dear the gift of time spent together.

Love you son, You CAN do this! I’m only a phone call away.❤️Forward with Faith❗️

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  1. Welcome back, dear friend. What a blessing, to each other and to the world, is the Davis clan! Thanks to you all again for showing us faith and grace. And thanks especially to you for showing what motherly leadership looks like. Yes, he CAN do this. He’s a son of Kristy Davis and her sweetheart, Scott. Love and prayers still flowing your way!


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