Good Weekend

Good Weekend


This weekend has been good. My back where the drain was put in is still quite sore. Requiring me to mitigate the pain with a pill. I tried to drain some liquid from my lungs yesterday, and was able to draw out 400 ML. So, plan is to wait until Monday or Tuesday before I try again. Have my wound vac nurse coming tomorrow. We are only 2 more weeks we suspect with the Wound Vac, which is super exciting for me.

Most of Saturday after my Mother left I slept. Alicia took care of my every need like the saint she is. Today, Sunday I just stayed home because of all the pain in my back. The Stake Presidency came and visited me this afternoon for a while which was a wonderful visit.

Alicia’s Sister Geanna and Alicia’s Mother came into town this evening from Arizona. They will be staying with us through Thanskgiving. Excited to have them here. They will be a big help this week. I don’t have any Dr Appointments this week, which is nice. Just getting better is the only thing I need to do.

So, thats the latest news. Will report tomorrow or Tuesday about draining the fluid around my lungs, and how wound is healing. Just so happy for all the prayers and thoughts in my behalf. So grateful for the progress. I sure love you all!

5 thoughts on “Good Weekend

  1. Nate, I am so thankful for the progress you and your whole family is making. Keep it up! You have been to hell and back and we all welcome you with open arms and hearts. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Nate, I’m so happy your doing better! Our family has been praying for you💜
    Love All the Perkins(up the street😊)

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