What a Week…

What a Week…

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write a blog post. It’s been almost a full week. I am sorry for those that have been wondering what is up. We had a good week. Monday-Wednesday was good. Wound Vac is working great. Wednesday I started to get more short of breath. I had drained the fluid best I could but not a lot was drawing out.

Thursday, Thanksgiving, was a good day. With Alicia’s family in town, we had a good time together. We had a good Thanksgiving meal. I was extra emotional as we went around and discussed the items we are thankful for. Mostly because of everything I have been through. I am so grateful that I am alive, and am so grateful for the health I have. Health is a blessing. Some people think it’s a right, but we are not guaranteed good health. We are given experiences to help us grow, and I am so grateful for the lessons I am learning. Here is a photo of all the fam together for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Friday morning, I woke up and had hardly slept through the night. I couldn’t breath, and nothing was drawing from my port. After consulting with our home health nurse that came by early, we decided it would be best to go into the ER. So, off Alicia and I went. We had a few scans, and sure enough, there was a ton of liquid around my left lung, and the drain tube had become pinched by my lung and chest wall up higher than the liquid. This required them to remove the drain, and then put a new one in. This time, I requested to be sedated. Which they allowed. I just didn’t want to take the pain like I had the time before. So, they removed the drain in my back and moved it to the bottom left of my abdomen.

I was discharged this afternoon about 1pm, came home and just slept. With the new drain, the pain is back, and will be for 2 to 3 days where it gets quite intense. So, I am taking it easy. This afternoon, after a few hour nap I felt really good. The kids were super excited to setup Christmas, and so we did. For the past 5 or so years we have recorded a timelapse of our setup. The 1.5 hour proccess in 1 minute. We got it posted just a little while ago. You are welcome to watch it here:

So, with that there is the update for the week. I will try and be better about not going a whole week without an update. So, you should hear from me Monday or Tuesday. Sure love you all, and am really grateful for the progress I am making. It’s sad I have these setbacks, but in the end, they are required to be there, so that I can get better. So, we continue to move forward and make the best of what we have.


5 thoughts on “What a Week…

  1. Family is everything. Loved your pictures. Stay strong
    Nate . You are a testimony of your faith in Heavenly Father. Prayers are coming whether we hear from you
    or not.

  2. Thanks so much for the update Nate. I continue to pray for you and all the family. I have to say I love your Christmas setup video. That was so awesome to watch. Now I want to learn how to do that, mostly in part because it now takes me two to three DAYS to setup Christmas decorations instead of a few hours!!

    Enjoy the holidays, and know i look forward to reading your blog. It is the most inspirational blog ever. There is only one other blog I have ever kept up with in its entirety, and that is Spenser’s wifes blog! You are in good company.

    Praying for strength for you to manage your pain. Pain has the ability to suck the life right out of a person. You are a bright light showing it is possible to get through this ordeal and pain. You are one of my heroes Nate. Never give up!

  3. I love you so much Nate, Alicia and family. I have gathered so much love (and I had a lot before!) for you since following this journey you are on. I learn from you everyday in one way or another. I admire your faith, positivity, and support you have for each other. A family like that is rare and a gift.
    I pray for you all daily. Thank you for still giving my daughter rides to mutual and doing things I’m just blown away by when I should be the one doing it!! You’re family has been there for me and my kids like no one else in this entire ward . I don’t deserve it.
    I love ❤️ you and you all have a special place in my heart.

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