Prayers from A far.

Prayers from A far.

I have been home for 10 days and in those 10 days Nate has been back in the hospital 2 times. The most recent yesterday as they try to get the fluid under control in his lung cavity. Yesterday visit resulted in another drain being put this time in his right side and 2 liters of liquid drained off. He literally is a human pin cushion right now! He was able to go home last night which was a blessing.

It is not easy to be 700 miles away but that is life right now as I am needed at home. My sweetheart Scott has been battling kidney stones and will have surgery December 20 to remove the last few that seem to not want to pass. This year of kidney issues for both Scott and Nate has been a tough one and one I hope we never repeat!

As I have been home and reflecting on the past few months I am again reminded that whether we are near a love one or not we can still exercise the power of pray for their well being. That a loving Heavenly Father is listening and can send angels from above but more often sends his earth angels, us, to answer that plea.

Time and time again I witness that reality that we are the Lord’s hands if we will but listen with our hearts and then choose to act. Thank you so much for all the angels who are watching over Nate and Alicia and their family and the angels who have supported Scott and I and our children.

An example… When I arrived home last week some of my dear friends had deep cleaned my bedroom and put on some new bedding to welcome me home. The sweet young women in our congregation had heart attacked our door with hearts and messages and freezer meals in the freezer. Doses of Joy!

As I returned home yesterday from an errand and had just learned that Nate was back in the hospital struggling with breathing my heart was weary. I went to open the door then paused to reread some of the messages.

“We must live by faith not by fear” Quinten L Cook

“Faith is a REAL power not just a Belief.”

“Hope is never Lost” Jeffery R Holland

“Though you may feel that no one can understand the depth of your despair trust the Lord he is the good shepherd he knows his sheep and his sheep know his voice.”

“There is PEACE in CHRIST ❤️”

Re-focused and strengthened by these message from angels on earth I was able to go in and say a prayer for my sweet son and put my trust in the Lord. Forward with Faith❗️

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  1. Kristy, you never cease to amaze me. Your light shines and continues to touch me even across the country. Praying continuously for Nate and the Davis clan. (Special prayers for Scott, too.) Love you!

  2. “Peace in Christ”
    There is peace in Christ
    When we learn of him
    Feel the love He felt for us
    When he bore our sins
    Listen to his words
    Let them come alive
    If we know Him as he is
    There is peace in Christ

    He gives us hope
    When hope is gone
    He gives us strength
    When we can’t go on
    *He gives us shelter
    In the storms of life*
    When there’s no peace on earth
    There is peace in Christ

    There is peace in Christ
    When we walk with him
    Through the streets of Galilee
    To Jerusalem
    Mend the broken hearts
    Dry the tear-filled eyes
    When we live the way He lived
    There is peace in Christ

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