Moments to Celebrate

Moments to Celebrate

Moments to celebrate. Friday was A truly blessed day the wound vac is over❗️❗️❗️for Nate. He has healed enough on his incision to not need it. Now it will be simple dressing changes instead of painful procedures for this pin cushion guy😊❤️

Yesterday he got out of the house for the first time in a week and went and visited his neighbor Brother Kemp. Both are huge steps forward.

Tomorrow he will have #2 immunotherapy treatment. So tonight counting our blessings for a son who smiles and shows strength in his challenges💝

2 thoughts on “Moments to Celebrate

  1. Way to heal, Nate! Still keeping you in my prayers in the lovely state of New York. Praying for your greatest gift this Christmas Season to be for strength and healing for your body and soul, and of course strength and comfort for you and your entire family.

    * light the world!

  2. Yeah! One more hurdle cleared. Good for you, Nate. Good for the many who love you and pray for you all. I remain one of them!

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