Second Treatment

Second Treatment

Hello Everyone,

Got my second immunotherapy treatment done today.

Next one scheduled for Christmas Eve. Was pretty tired after, so went home and took a nice nap. Now we just wait and heal. I was able to walk to the neighbors, Bro Kemp tonight for a quick FHE. So, I am really trying to find the desire to get up and move. Its not easy for me, when its so easy to just lay here and sleep. But if I don’t start moving, then I wont make my goal of going to Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Its been three weeks since I have been able to go. I am feeling the need to get back, and I am gaining strength to be able to do it.

To keep things real, its been pretty hard on me these past few days. Really hard to have the desire to fight and move forward. We all have ups and downs, and I was in a low point. I am climbing my way out of it, but just so everyone knows I am human too, the discouragement is real, and hits everyone. I am setting internal goals to build my self back up, and that has helped.

My drain on my right side is working. Every day been able to pull some liquid off. Today, just 300ML but the past few days mostly 500ML. So, will see if we are getting close to have less and less fluid.

With that, I am signing off for the night, and hopefully can sleep a 5 hr stint. That would be nice.

5 thoughts on “Second Treatment

  1. Prayers for you daily Brother Nate. You are an amazing person and I’m praying daily for your recovery. Not many words can be said to pull you out of your down cycle but just know you’re an awesome person and I love your guts.

  2. Nate…keep up the good work! I was down for a weekend with the flu that knocked me right off my feet. It was 3 days and I was a total wimp! I can’t imagine what your body has been through and the mental battles you must be fighting. You’ve been at it a long time! Continue to be patient with yourself . You are truly a fighter! We are cheering you on!!!!
    -Chelle Ward

  3. It’s great to hear from you, Nate. I can only imagine what you are going through and the daily battle it must be. Keep up the good fight! You’re an inspiration to us all.

  4. It’s hard! You don’t have to be brave and it’s totally normal to have ups and downs and never feel that you always have to be ‘up’. You are awesome already! Let us know when you need extra prayers. They work like a charm and it’s something we can do and we love to help. Much love to you and yours!

  5. Hard is hard to deal with, I truly know you have it in you though.
    Nate, that little guy within you always went forward with determination and a strong will. This part of your
    personality is more refined but ……that same determination and strong will is still there.
    Prayers coming your way daily.

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