Another ER visit…

Another ER visit…

Hey Everyone,

Sorry for another week long hiatus from doing a blog post. Most of the week was uneventful. Just me trying to get strength back. On Thursday, I went on 2 outings outside the house. Then Friday the same, which was good to see what I can handle. Had three visitors this week, which really means a lot. Anyone in the mood to visit just drop me a text and you can swing by.

Friday I tried to drain twice from my right side, and no luck. Every day before that I have gotten 500ML. I slept best I could but by Saturday morning I was hurting and knew I had to get into the ER. So, this morning off we went leaving about 9am. Both drains not working, and my shortness of breath was tough. So, we met with the Dr who recommended this time to use a TPA drug to inject that back into the drain and let it start to dissolve the protein that might be blocking the drain. So, got the drug administered around 12, and then about 1pm we got discharged, and at 6pm at home, I was to try and drain. If it didn’t work, then I was going back to the ER tonight.

Well, Alicia and I said a prayer and hooked the drain up. Opened it up, and liquid flowed like crazy. Within about 4 minutes I had drained 800ML, and was coughing and my side hurt. So, we shut it off, and I will try the left side tomorrow and see if we can drain anything there. So, no need to go back to the ER this weekend, which is awesome.

Anytime I might have to goto the ER, thats usually when I breakdown and cry for a while. The IV placement for me is the worst and I just hate going back. So, it takes a lot of strength to get there.

Anyway, thats the latest. I am headed to bed hear shortly, and will add a picture to this blog post tomorrow sometime as Alicia has the couple photos to on her phone and she it out shopping with Brooklyn tonight.

Love you all. Thanks for the thoughts, prayers, and notes that are sent on my behalf. They keep me moving forward. Plan is to get to Sacrament Meeting tomorrow at Church.


2 thoughts on “Another ER visit…

  1. I am glad the doctor flushed out your tube. No ER is never fun let alone the hours you wait and then the pain for all the procedures. Tears are good they are a release and we all need to shed them from time to time. My heart goes out to you. I can say be strong, so easy for me to say. So I will say in following your msgs. you are incredibly strong in faith, mind and body. Prayers and good thoughts that everything will get a lot better.

  2. Hi Nate,
    You are an inspiration to all of us!
    I’m so sorry to see my friend going through these current challenges.
    Shauna and I think of you often and you are in our thoughts and prayers for a full recovery.

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