More Miracles

More Miracles


After my rough day yesterday, I still had my goal of getting to Sacrament meeting at Church today. I woke up not feeling great, but pushed through throwing up and trying to keep some food down. We drained 500ML from my left side, which has not drained in weeks. This actually caused quite a bit of pain. I still had pain on my right side from the night before and then this pain added to it. Causing me all sorts of energy loss. As time moved close to 11:45pm, (my meeting started at 1pm) I was getting nervous. I would still need to shower, which usually causes me to throw up, and then replace a few bandages and get ready to leave by 12:50. So, Alicia and I set out to get the stuff done. She was a big help and so were the kids getting clothes set out for me and finding various things I needed. I was feeling pretty weak. I was in quite a bit of pain on both my sides, and had been throwing up most of the morning. Lots of moaning.

But I needed to be there. The first missionary I had interviewed to send on his mission was talking today, before he heads to the Barcelona Spain Mission on Wednesday.

I worked as quickly as I had strength and all the kids did great finishing getting ready on their own. At 12:50, out the door we made it to the car. I couldn’t find my belt, and my pants were falling down as I walked, So Alicia ran to the neighbors and borrowed a Belt for me for today. I got there just 2 min before the meeting started.

What a great meeting it was. The Lord blessed me with strength as I sat there. I didn’t cough, or experience any discomfort. When I left the building the coughing and pain started back up again. I was blessed and was so happy to make it. It was the pick me up I needed. It was a personal reminder that I am still being watched over. That I am not forgotten. Its not an easy road, but a road I can walk, because I have been called to walk it.

Love you all!

6 thoughts on “More Miracles

  1. Absolutely amazing, dear Nate. What an example you are of someone willing to do his part, and then willing to trust the Lord to do the rest. I will never again complain about feeling to tired, worn down – whatever – to want to go to Church. I will
    continue to pray and watch with faith on your behalf.

  2. Could not be more proud son you are a Dose of Joy. You had a worthy goal this week to attend church and you fought to fulfill it with the Lord by your side. Another miracle in your life…

    Those miracles may not always be so obvious but one thing I am SURE OF the Lord knows your heart and He is near. Stay strong and know your family and many, many wonderful friends are praying for you. There is an army of angels cheering you on, on both sides and standing by ready to assist when possible, you just need to ask. You are not alone!! FORWARD WITH FAITH! Love always, MOM

  3. I was so happy to see you there yesterday. Will continue to remember you in my prayers. When we are doing the right things, the Lord blesses us with miracles, even small ones:). Keep getting better!

  4. Goal met, yay! I have to tell you this. I had a little chuckle with this current picture. You look so much like your dad.
    You guys share the same smile. What an example you are
    to your ward family & I dare say to all of us. You know that little guy within you means so much to me. WOW he grew up and became a Bishop, a husband to a beautiful wife and a father to wonderful helpful children. I love it!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Nate — you amazing, wonderful son of my much-loved Davis Clan and my extended sweet Davis family.

    I am SO proud of you and your faith, your courage, your determination ! You are an incredible inspiration to all of us. You are in my prayers — as I am sure you are also in the thoughts and prayers of a legion of loving mortals. Plus those on the other side of the veil ! Much love, Kris Kristofferson (in faraway AZ)

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