Tears and Cheers

Tears and Cheers

Nate had to go back into the ER today his ability to breathe was hampered by not being able to drain out of either side:(. He has also been struggling with nausea we think maybe now it is the beginning of the side effects from the immunotherapy. Could not keep anything down yesterday.

In the ER, are the same routine, they start an IV, blessing though it only took one poke this time! Another CT scan showed the Cancer has grown. That is often the case as the immunotherapy has not quite kicked in yet.

It was decided to try TPA again where they inject a mixture of drugs up the drain tubes to see if they can dissolve what is blocking it. Two hours later they were able to drain 900 mL off the right side and 800 mL of liquid off the left side of his chest cavity YEAH! It was painful so they gave Nate a little bit of morphine to help ease his pain as his lungs reinflate. They administered some more drugs up his drain tube an hour later, and then he waited for and hour, and got another 200ML from each side. So. Total 1.1L from the right and 1L from the left.

Needless to say this mother’s emotions have been all over the board today as I knew that Nate was in the ER and just needing to get some relief. I Facetimed him a couple times and on one occasion before the second drain attempt I asked. “Son how are you really doing?” He started to cry and said “It just seems like I can’t get ahead. Its just emotionally draining as well as painful.”

This is definitely a bumpy road he is called to travel and the only thing we can do for him is to continue prayers and words of encouragement for it is his path to travel. Forward with Faith Son. You can do it! Love Mom

Nate Here:

Yeah, it was a rough day. I am home now. Lots of tears for me off and on. Which was good for me to get some of that emotion out. But, with so much liquid drawn, I know I will sleep good tonight. And I am looking forward to that. One of my friends, posted this on facebook, and I snagged it because it gave me strength when I needed it.

Listen, this hit home for me. We all have different battles. All our paths are difficult. Which means we are ALL destined for greatness. We are all in this together and I am so grateful for parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts who continue to pray and cheer me on. My immediate family is the best. Alicia and my children do so much for me to help ease any discomfort they can. I am doing the same for them by Cheering them on in their successes, and I know the Lord continues to bless me and all those I know.

Love you all


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  1. Sorry for the bumpy road, Nate. We had the privilege of Neal A. Maxwell speaking in our stake once. He remarked how grateful he was for the cancer he was struggling with. I couldn’t understand it at the time, but through the years and going through some rough experiences, I understand it’s all about the refiners fire and tempering of the spirit. Bless you Nate, as you go through the refiners fire and thank you for sharing your feelings. Love to you and your family.

  2. I truly wish this wasn’t so hard for you. But through it all you think of others. You are acing this test! More prayers! ❤️

  3. Oh my Nate. I am so sorry about your struggles. I wish I could take them away. You continue to amaze and inspire me with your faith and resilience. I love you. Keep pressing forward.

  4. Dear Kristy, Scott and all the amazing Davis family,
    I’m just now reading and learning about Nate’s journey. Tears and Cheers is a beautiful blog and provides such powerful healing insight around Nate’s and all of your family’s strength and faith. Nate, you are in my thoughts. Your strength is beyond belief. You are so loved!

  5. Nate, it’s so hard to see you struggle and want so much for the way to be smoothed over for you. We would jump in if there was a way to make things better. But the way we do that is by offering you our love, and prayers in your behalf. And as you say we all have our own struggles and ultimately they will all be for our own good and blessing. Just know that you are surrounded by so many people who are pulling for you.

  6. Your battles seem to be the same as the title of my book, “Faith Greater than Pain”. We can’t even begin to understand the emotional and physical struggles that you are called to endure unless we too have walked through this valley. I’m not sure what the Lord wants you to learn in this process, but have a conversation with Him and tell Him that you now understand so that He will start to lighten your burden. I love ya young man.

  7. “If we are steadfast and do not waver in our faith, the Lord will increase our capacity to raise ourselves above the challenges of life.” – Elder Ulisses Soares – Apr 2017

    Proud of you Son! Mom

  8. Nate and family,
    I think of you often! I’m praying for you and all your struggles and pain. Your emotions are raw and real, thank you for sharing. You have such a great family, and are a great example of faith and endurance.
    Hugs and luvs!

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