What a weekend…

What a weekend…

Sorry everyone for not writing for a few days again. I am trying 😉 

Well, I last posted when I got out of the hospital on Thursday of last week. It’s Monday morning as I write this. Friday evening we had the Krog family come and bring dinner and stay and visit for a few hours. It was fun to catch up and talk about all the things going on. 

Saturday was rough. I didn’t sleep well at all. No clue why really. Woke up throwing up and just generally tired all day. I tried to drain, and we didn’t get anything from either side. Which made me nervous again. But I got a few naps in and that helped.

Sunday was tough also, but was good. My goal to get to Church is a hard goal. It took Alicia and I, 2 hours to get cleaned up, bandages all changed and dressed to get to Church. My 2nd Counselor, Andrew Clark, is moving to CA at the end of the month, and so my new second counselor Jacob Braithwaite was put in, and I really wanted to be there. Once I was there, I figured, why not just stay. So I did. All 3 hours. We had a combined lesson the 3rd hour to go over the new Come Follow Me curriculum for next year. After my 1st Counselor gave the training, I followed it up with my testimony. It was good. I was glad I could share it and speak to everyone again. I thanked them for their service, and thanked them for the prayers on my behalf, as they are felt and help. It was a good Sunday. Got home after that longer outing and was asleep for a while.

Now, onto Monday. Sleep was OK. I am trying to drain now, and not getting anything out of my right side. I am breathing about the same I have over the past 2 days. So, maybe, just maybe, I am not needing to drain as much. But I don’t want to get to the point when I can’t breathe. So, will see if I go into the ER later today or tomorrow and have them check me up.

So, that is the latests from our front. Hope everyone reading this is happy. Remembering that we are getting closer to celebrate Christ’s Birth, and am excited to draw closer to him by studying the New Testament this next year. I am really excited.

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  1. Nate I have been suffering with nausea from an injury. Someone suggested I try ginger. I am not a fan of ginger but someone at church gave me Stashes lemon & ginger herbal tea. It truly helped. If you haven’t heard of this it is worth giving it try. Good luck

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