Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

This past week Nate was able to have visitors, go watch a foose ball competition of some of his buddies. He got his hair cut and made it too church, all goals he set.

Nate had his 3rd immunotherapy today. He is super weak. They tested his blood and his Calcium level is high which can cause extreme nausea and fatigue. This could explain why he can’t keep a lot down. He is now down to 168lbs. They gave him some medicine to bring down the calcium levels along with his immunotherapy drugs. The hope is in a couple days he will not be so nauseated. Friday he will go in for another cat scan.

We are praying for a Christmas miracle. That he can feel better for Christmas Day and be able to spend a cherished day with his sweet family, for life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful.

We send our love and prayers to each of you this Christmas Eve that you may find joy in your life no matter the circumstance because a Savior was born. There is Hope, Peace, and continued Miracles we testify because of Him. MERRY CHRISTMAS 🎄

Love The Davis Family

5 thoughts on “Christmas Eve

  1. Merry Christmas to each of you! The wonderious gift is given, the Savior of the world, the Prince of Peace. May His everlasting love and peace be with you.Our prayers are with you as you journey through your challenges at this time. May you find some joy in your journey.
    From the Niccum’s

  2. Dearest Nate and family,
    We hope and pray for everything good and joyous for you.
    We are amazed at your spirituality and inner strength with all you have been through.
    May the Lord bless you, that you you may be whole and healthy again.
    Love, Nicki and Jim
    Merry Christmas

  3. Nate and family, you’re always in our thoughts and prayers. Your strength and continued faith inspires all who know you.

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