Christmas and more…

Christmas and more…

Well, time for another post. Christmas was great. I have had a rough couple of days. But Christmas was amazing and just full of surprises for the kids, Alicia, and I.

Opening Gifts, Christmas Morning

I am still not able to drain anything. We tried again last night. So, just to be sure, on Thursday Alicia and I went into the ER and got some blood work done and a CT Scan. I have been getting more and more fatigued. And loosing some control of my body sometimes when I over do it. Where I hyperventilate for a few minutes and just can’t catch my breath. It’s no fun.

So after we got the results from both we met with my Oncologist again. My calcium level was back up to a 14.2! Like really high. Causing my nausea, and fatigue. I was given more Zometa, to knock that down. As of Friday, I was feeling better. Friday Saturday and Sunday have all been good days with a decent amount of energy. So, more blood to be drawn Monday morning with a followup to look at other problems.

Resting on the couch, first time in weeks laying down

Christmas day, Nichole and Krystal came with their families for Dinner. The house was lively with all the kids playing.

Christmas Dinner!

Krystal made me a stock pot full of chicken noodle soup which I’ve been able to eat slowly each day. It has provided me strength this week.

Soup, not only good for the soul!

Thursday, Krystal, Gordon, and Kylee took Brooklyn Skiing for the first time. It was a first for Kylee and Brooklyn. They had a great time.

Brooklyn with Kylee, Krystal, and Gordon

Friday, we went to Round1, which is an indoor arcade and bowling place nearby. Had fun watching the kids go around and enjoy the games. It was a lot of fun. Near the end, I was done and asked Krystal to drive me home. So, we went home and when I got home I had my first real panic or fatigue attack. Couldn’t breath, couldn’t hold anything down. Started to throw-up and urinate all at the same time. Lasted about 5 to 8 minutes.

Luckily, Krystal and Gordon were both there to help me through that first one. Then I was able to calm down and rest. It was a strange feeling. We have narrowed these episodes to when I overexert myself and don’t take things slowly.

Round 1 fun with the family

Saturday, we went to the movies! Mid-day, we went and saw Mary Poppins Returns. I liked it. Nothing is as good as an original, but I did like all the ways they tied it into the other story line.

Riding in style to the Movies.

Sunday, Today I woke up with the most energy I have had in a long time. So, that was nice. I woke up a few times but in the end, I got some sleep. I enjoyed talking with the family that was here and just feeling better overall. Figured it would be easy to get to church. Started to get ready about 11:30 am. Took a shower, and got ready as quickly as we could. But time crept faster. At 12:50am, I was almost ready. The rest of the family headed to Church. So, I walked really fast to the car. Sat down, and episode 3 started. Couldn’t breath, and was about to loose everything. Which I promptly did. Alicia was running back in to get me a bowl. I was so sad and frustrated. I cried in the car as I sat there thinking that if I had just started 15 mins earlier there would have never been any problem. As I sat there crying in frustration, Alicia came back and saw, and just sat there and cried with me and hugged me. She told me to remember that in my efforts even I can be blessed. I was so excited to go, because it’s Alicia’s Birthday, and the last 3 hour block, before we move to the new schedule, and today marks 1 year as Bishop. I was put in Dec 31st 2017. I just sat there for a time until I could calm down and then got back inside, changed from all my dirty clothes and laid down exhausted. Alicia headed to Church and my Sister Krystal is staying here with me.

Multiple times my stake president has reminded me to not run faster than I have strength. Guess I need to remember that :).

I have a Dr appointment at 10:30am tomorrow with our Oncologist, I am looking forward to a few answers tomorrow. But, again, what can you do but hold your head up and push forward. It’s the hardest thing to do. But, it’s what we are called to do. The Lord gives us added strength. We just trust in him, like we have to with every other aspect of our lives. We look around and start helping others. Sure love you all. Thanks for continuing to take this journey with me. Walking together as a community of friends and family is what gives each of us the strength to go on. It gives me tremendous strength.

4 thoughts on “Christmas and more…

  1. Thank you for sharing time with us this weekend. We love you so much. It was a joy to be in your home. Always full of the spirit. ❤

  2. Prayers are continually sent your way Nate!! The hardest part is pushing through when we feel like we should be all better now. I can’t imagine the mental game you are going through and pray for strength for you to bear what you are called. We love you so much Nate sand if there is ANYTHING you need, don’t hesitate to call 😊.

  3. Hermano, te quiero, un abrazo desde Puerto Rico, acá te extrañamos, fortaleza y fe, los buenos amigos como usted nos ayudan a personas débiles como nosotros, debemos ir a nadar nuevamente al océano. un abrazo hermano

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