Grateful to have Nate home but a bit more challenging to keep him comfortable without all the hospital gadgets. Night went Ok with meds every 4 hours.

Today his big goal was to get to immunotherapy at 11:30. We started to get ready at 10 but even that proved to cut it close! You can’t just run outside and jump in car anymore. It is get dress wait so he can catch his breath then get coat on make sure oxygen tank is with us and all paperwork rest then move to chair by door, rest then down the stairs into a waiting wheelchair off to car, rest and get in car, rest and catch breath then seatbelt and go. We were 10 minutes late but we made it!!!

We met with Nates Oncologist first and he offered his condolences on what Nate had gone through the last few weeks. He said “Yes Nate is one sick guy but I still feel immunotherapy could help him so let’s continue treatments.”

While Nate was going through the last 1/2 of his treatment Alicia started to get a series of texts from Anna and Jordon High School. There was a BOMB threat and they had evacuated the entire school. Heart-stopping news for a Parent and Grandparent!

Messages like “they are moving us farther away.” “they are having us board buses.” “We are being driven farther away to the Expo Center.” All the while Nate is having his life saving treatment.

Alicia reaches out and found Calvin their close friend and he immediately went to check on Anna and pick up the other kids. We began our drive home in the pouring rain and arrived home about the same time. Got Nate in safe and sound and everyone accounted for!

So once again counting our blessings, extra hugs and thankful for a safe place to come at the end of the day with those we love! ❤️

3 thoughts on “Heartstopping

  1. Wow! When it rains it pours-literally. I am so glad you all got safely through the day. I put Nates name in the temple yesterday. I am sure it is in there often but extra prayers never hurt. I am also happy my son in law Calvin could help out. He is always willing to serve and is so lucky to have found such an amazing friend. My love and prayers to you and your family. Tena Koeven

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