Happy Noise

Happy Noise

After Heart-stopping Thursday we decided to take a day off. Today was no school as it was the end of the semester so we were not on any schedule other than Nate’s meds every 4 hours. The nurse called from the Oncologist office and said his calcium was at 10.9 which is too high. So back to their office to get an IV if meds. Going up and down the stairs three days in a row taxed him to his max but he did it!

He was able to drain 650mls of liquid off. Alicia and I now inject saline into the lines to get them flowing. We draw the line though on giving him his Hepron shot in the stomach so Nate does that every night 😬 for his blood clot.

The house was full of happy noise today as Nate’s sister Nichole and Phil, cousins and friends came to play. Sometimes the noise is too much for him as he tries to sleep but he is a good sport and so grateful to be home and with his family again!💕

2 thoughts on “Happy Noise

  1. Family, sleep and love are good medicine. I read your mom’s note about your daughters favorite poem “Foot Prints” . What a tender heart. Nate you have a dear family. Rest so you can be stronger. Eat so your body can heal. Love in faith and family you hold in your heart and this will sustain you. I think of you daily and pray for all of you. You are a good man and Heavenly Father knows this.

  2. It sounds like Heavenly Father thought you all looked bored and needed more excitement. Cancer, complications, bomb scare? Really? Maybe try to look busier and more challenged? (Yeah…like that’s possible.) Prayers and love still going out for all in your circle, especially Nate.

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