Look UP, Press Forward and Fight On!

Look UP, Press Forward and Fight On!

Last night it was decided by Nate, Alicia and I that Nate needed extra help. Alicia called the Oncologist and Family Practice and both Nate’s Drs were on call. She was able to describe what he was battling and it was decided in the morning we would bring him into the Oncologist at 9am see what they could do then head to hospital for Direct admit for draining.

The 9am plan soon went by. Nate’s fatigue was monumental and it took us 2hrs to get him ready and out the door. A plea to the Lord to help Nate, to help us and to help Drs know what to do was said. Alicia was in contact with Drs as we drove to the Oncologist office.

Once there a flurry of help and concern. IV with steroids administered. Another new drug Nate’s body has not experienced. He began to struggle breathing and became super uncomfortable. The Dr was called in and said this should not be impacting you this way? Then it was discovered the oxygen tank he was hooked up had run out of air Oops!😬

With air and IV’s Nate decided that going to hospital was not needed for draining, we would continue how we do it at home. Genuine concern from Dr Samuelson the cancer dr as he sat down with Nate and with real compassion and tenderness said “Nate, I need to ask where your mentally state is? Have I put you through too much? Are you done? Do you want to continue to fight?

Nate looked at him and said YES.

Ok then we need to see how we can help you maintain until immunotherapy kicks in. Maintain hydration, calories, breathing and comfort. Brainstorming, decisions and a revisit Monday were put in place.

This will take ALL our efforts. Reminding Nate to drink and eat keeping track of old and new meds and schedules. Nate being willing to take a sip, a bite even when he is not hungry or it tastes bad. Continual prayers and positive encouragement this is his fight to literally survive and we know he is NOT alone! Thank you each for your prayers, love and support it means a lot.♥️

🙏🏻Forward with Faith🙏🏻

9 thoughts on “Look UP, Press Forward and Fight On!

  1. Nate, you are brave and amazingly strong! We love you and pray for you as you continue to fight. With love,
    All of the Hunts

  2. You are a real braveheart. There is only one direction
    in life…….forward. You do this with such grace & strength. Yet I know all of this is hard for you. Sending
    nightly prayers and love to you all.

  3. Thank you for saying Yes, we will fight on. There is an army of people fighting with and for you. Be strong and keep getting stronger each day. We are all praying for you!

  4. Davis Family, thank you so much for keeping us all posted through this difficult journey. As I read these posts I am continually amazed at Nate’s strength, determination, and faith! I am also amazed at how strong your whole family is and how loving and supportive and positive you are for each other. I pray for you all continually. Thank you for being such a great inspiration to the world.
    Love, Louise

  5. It’s hard to see Nate’s struggles. I was just thinking today that with all of these people praying for him he’s probably got prayers keeping him going every five minutes or so! I feel strongly that Heavenly Father is holding your family in His hands and is very aware of you.

  6. Thanks for continuing to fight – we love you and are praying that the immunotherapy kicks in soon and you start feeling better.

  7. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your journey. You are truly a hero.your whole family is. Stay strong! We love you! We believe in you. God is with you.

  8. Nate, I am so sorry you are going through this!!!!! This is so hard to watch, even from a distance. I know you are blessed to have your amazing family by your side, helping you fight this battle. I pray you will be blessed by a host of heavenly angels by your side as well that will give you comfort! We love you! We pray for you and your family! For now, specifically we will pray this immunotherapy will kick in!

  9. I am amazed at every post. You are a champ. Every one of us has our Gethsemane that we have to walk through. You have so many people cheering you on. We’re walking this journey with you. You are not alone. Hang on. The Lord is with you and guiding you through this.
    Sue Mortensen

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