Nate has had a couple better days with increased food and drink and some much needed sleep. Yesterday a mission buddy came to visit and today a close friend. Both visits lifted him. Nate’s Dad is flying in tonight from Seattle area.

His close friend sent this text…

“Nate, you have been on my mind today. As I reflect on the last several months I am so proud of you. I am lucky to call you my friend. With everything you have went through, you still keep going… So this is what I need from you it is simple. Get to tomorrow. Tomorrow always has the potential to be better, but you have to get there to find out. Everyday I hope that can be your focus. Change can only happen with better tomorrows. Be strong. Love you brother.”

So that is it today simple and true get to tomorrow ♥️ and trust the Lord.

thank you. Love you all.

Forward with Faith.

One thought on “Tomorrows

  1. What a wonderful thought! Nate, you work to get to tomorrow and I will too. You have taught me so much with your faith and strength. I am pulling for you and for good news tomorrow. Love and prayers for everyone.

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