He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Son

He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Son

Today was a good day. After all the up-and-down’s of the last week we are now seeing steady progress. Scott, Nate’s Dad who arrived late Saturday night is motivated to help his son. Today was another Dr appointment Nate still weak but with his Dad’s help we made record time.

Physical therapy coach Dad cheering him on. 💪Alicia and I are learning how to find ways to “fatten” Nate up. So Opposite to find something with lots of fat and calories and be so excited about feeding it to Nate. Of course he has to be able to stomach it too. Cheesy broccoli soup has been a hit. 3 days of calorie count above 1400 and more protein has helped.

So as you can see we are making slow and steady progress and if we continue down this path we will continue to see many more miracles and many more tomorrows❤️

Grateful tonight for a wonderful Dad who is by his son’s side and cheering him on❗️A true Dose of Joy

11 thoughts on “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Son

  1. Haven’t seen you Nate since you were a very impressive young man. Boy, do you look like your dad. We send you love and good thoughts and lots and lots of prayers. I have a really good desert recipe to help fatten you up. I’ll send it to your mom. Hope it is to your liking

  2. Love this photo and the amazing, simply wonderful Davis family. My heartfelt prayers continue for our beloved Nate !

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