Off to See the Wizard

Off to See the Wizard

The last few days Nate has maintained his calories, protein and liquid intake. His dad Scott is determined to keep Nate moving. So a goal of exercises each day is in place. It is not easy for him but all good steps in right direction. He was able to do a little Bishopric business too. Grateful for wonderful counselors and all who serve.

Fatigue still rages on but this afternoon our Dose of Joy was attending the Play “Wizard of Oz” in the Hale Center Theater as a family! It took every bit of his energy but he did it. Proud of you son❤️

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful. Tonight being all together was truly wonderful. 💝

One thought on “Off to See the Wizard

  1. Yes, it is important to enjoy small things; to truly enJOY them together. I’m so impressed with Nate’s “gameness”. Of course, that awesome cheer team doesn’t hurt, either! Rock on Davis clan!

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