Change is Constant

Change is Constant

One thing we are learning is Nate’s cancer battle is constantly changing. Last night he was re-admitted into the hospital for shortness of breath and EXTREME fatigue. His Grandma, Grandpa D and Uncle stopped by for some extra support.Dad, Scott also there to cheer him on!❤️wThe night was a bit long as draining started around 2:30am. Finding a comfy spot was a challenge but he finally did.

Today draining and more draining and more draining. He will be here through Monday. Our Dose of Joy Today is Beautiful Cami’s 11th Birthday. Yesterday before we headed to hospital Sisters Krystal & Nichole and Phil with their family came over for a “pre-Birthday” Party. So grateful Nate got to participate❤️

Families ARE FOREVER ♥️

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  1. This reminds me that Cami was born just 3 days before our Rebekah. I remember that time and wondering who would come first!

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