Early Morning Thoughts

Early Morning Thoughts

Dear Sweet Wonderful Family and Friends thank you so much for all your prayers and love. 💕They have truly sustained us through this heart breaking time. 
This morning I feel impressed to say please don’t feel bad if you can’t make the funeral. The weather is so bad here We would be devastated if something happened to anyone of you.  We will be recording the memorial. Nate knew you loved him. We know you loved him and love us. 
So if you are hesitant in anyway consider it the spirit or maybe Nate☺️ helping you be safe🙏🏻💝  And we will TOTALLY understand. 
We will get through this together and be stronger and better than we were. Nate’s death is not the end but a step forward. Our focus now will be to be worthy to join Nate in Heaven when our time comes.  Love you each dearly♥️ Forward with Faith❗️
The Davis Family

6 thoughts on “Early Morning Thoughts

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I have wrestled with trying to find a way to get there from Oregon with a major storm coming in and concerns that I-84 will close. Your words are an answer to a prayer.

  2. Yes, thank you for your words. I have wrestled with coming also.The
    weather is so unknown for traveling.
    My heart ♥️is there filled with love for all of you.
    May you feel the peace that comes from above.

  3. So Sorry Nate was a Special kid He was a Cute kid I got to baby sit him and his 2 sisters hes very smart like his dad Nate Is a leader in Heaven now .Kristy and Scott my mom and my family is with him now and your family Nate is not alone being with family and friends now Take Care love Jane Olsen & Family

  4. Thanks for the love and for the extra-mile in extending such thoughtful communication. Bullock family too is in that spot of wishing & trying to join you. But it’s not because we feel pressure or obligation, only genuine desire to be present. I figured we could count on Scott & sons to make sure it gets recorded and thankful to have that confirmed. I also imagine a highlight reel edited to music created by you, Krystal & others to feature Nate’s life. You’ve done it for so many others’ special occasions and memorial services. I feel both heavy and heart-warmed to imagine you now creating a film to celebrate Nate’s life.

  5. My thoughts and prayers will coming your way as you gather together to remember our much-loved Nate. I wish I could be with you.

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