Nate Is Smiling😊

Nate Is Smiling😊

One of Nate’s favorite quotes was “FAMILY it’s about time”. He is smiling from heaven this weekend as we gather as family and create more memories. Yes grieving is part of that time but grieving together is better than alone.

December 2017 he wanted all his siblings, parents & grandparents to come when he was put in as Bishop. He flew us first class. We felt so special and that is how he made us all feel.

Today we are again gather and counting our blessings that we are a forever family with Nate here or in Heaven. He is leading the way!

So for the next few days please excuse us while our focus is on family and celebrating our son’s life.

Love you all dearly💝

One thought on “Nate Is Smiling😊

  1. Pretty amazing to watch you all gather. Bittersweet is right. I’m glad you all have each other- a mountain of strength.

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