Finding strength beyond my own.

Finding strength beyond my own.

As the days go by I find my mind wondering and pondering about life and it’s purpose. Grateful to be anchored in the plan of happiness and the knowledge that families are forever.

It has been decided that Nate will be buried in Sandy Utah near his family on tomorrow, Saturday in a small gravesite ceremony. Scott has flown back to be there but I am staying here in Arizona with my mom for her 80th birthday tomorrow.

Nate would want us to move forward. This is not the end.

 “If there is any one thing that you and I need, … [it is] the kind of faith that moves us to get on our knees and plead with the Lord for guidance, and then, having a measure of divine confidence, get on our feet and go to work to help bring the desired results to pass.” Gordon B. Hinckley (2016)

We continue to find peace and hope in the Savior and in your love and continued prayers. Thank you💝

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  1. Thank you, Kristy, for continuing to keep us a part of this journey. You’re right when you say it is not the end but it still seems like a long road to travel. Well, its not the end but you’re not alone. We are on this journey with you and will walk beside you along with the Savior.

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