Sorrow is not forever…Love is.

Sorrow is not forever…Love is.

Today marks one month since Nate’s passing and every day a little miracle happens to remind us that he is near and we can move forward.

Nate was known to give his nieces and nephews a “BIG squeeze” which meant a BIG hug. This video that Alicia’s brother David captured and shared yesterday was our big squeeze from Nate.

Nate and Alicia’s family started a tradition that trickled through their extended family. They would have scripture study then kneel for family prayer and after family prayer would each put one hand into a circle and do this cheer “Raw, Raw Davis Family!” Then say “HUGS!” and give each other hugs.

This video was taken about an hour before Nate’s passing. We had been singing songs of peace around his bed and he was now non-responsive. As I watch this video taken after family prayer the JOY of the “BIG Squeeze” flooded back. Nate was giving us all a BIG HUG and a reminder that …

Sorrow is not forever… Love is♥️

and he continues to cheer us on❗️

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